Brandon and Cicicia

It was the first day of their freshman year at  El Diamante High School that these two kids would find each other once again.  They enjoyed their high school years with friends and extra-curricular activities, but never in the same circle.  Brandon was involved with Basketball and golf while Cilicia was involved with Dance and Art.  They eventually ended up in photography class where Brandon asked Cilicia to the Senior Prom.  He figured since they “started school together, let’s finish school together”. 

You would think their love story would start at this point, but NOPE, they still needed some time to grow into the young adults they were destined to become.  Brandon stayed in Visalia to continue his schooling, working a part-time job at Cold Stone Creamery.  He also began his career as a basketball coach at El Diamante High School.  Cilicia also continued her education in the cosmetology field and moved to Los Angeles, where she began her career in hair. 

One day Brandon saw a Facebook post by Cilicia and wondered how she was doing so he reached out to her.  She was surprised to hear from him, so she gave him her digits, and they began to text each other daily. They set a date to meet up during their busy lives and went to the local brewery called Barrelhouse. They had such a great time they decided to start dating and went to movies, took beach trips, camped, went to baseball games, and enjoyed doggie outings with their fur babies Kayou and Rocko. Cilicia even went to sit in the bleachers at El Diamante High School to support and watch Brandon coach basketball. (She couldn’t help but woo over his strength, what she saw through his tight shirts.)

It’s been three years of dating and on November 20, 2020,  Brandon proposed to Cilicia at her favorite vacation spot in Morro Bay.  He made it official and she said, “Yes”. 

“Not only is Brandon the love of my life, he is also my best friend.  I knew from the moment I met him that there was something special about him. He always showed me what it felt like to be loved and appreciated.  I am so happy to now have that special love for the rest of my life.  I love you Brandon Guzman.”  Cilicia Benavente

 “My feelings for CC can only be described with the term, ‘love is blind’.  CC is everything I have ever wanted and everything I never knew I needed.  She is my soulmate.  Ever since we were young all the way through the past three years together, there has always been something special about her.  I can’t explain it. Every inch of my spirit tells me she is the woman I want to experience every peak and every valley that life brings us.  She is the love of my life and it took all these years to become the right time to turn our friendship into love. Loving Cilicia has turned my world upside down and I do not want to wake up without her by my side. I want to share everything this world has to offer with her.  She has helped me become the man I am today and from our first date I can say my life is complete with her by my side. We both never thought this would happen, but I thank the Lord everyday that this was His plan for our lives.”  Brandon Guzman