Maurice & Celeste

are getting married June 27, 2021

Family and Friends

We’ve created this wedding webpage as a hub for all of our wedding information. Find the answers to any questions you have about our big day, and check out our engagement photos and relationship story while you’re here. We can’t wait to see you on June 27th!

Our Story

(Maurice)…When I first met Celeste, it was like looking into my future. When we met in July 95′ she use to wear sunglasses all day every day! I’ve broken uncountable amounts of dark sunglasses that she use to wear hiding those beautiful eyes of hers! We’ve had our ups and downs but God knew who he wanted me to spend the rest of my life with! Celeste is a smart, beautiful, crazy woman! At the end of the day I wouldn’t be able to see myself with no one else but her! So on June 27, 2021 there will no longer be Mr. Bryant and Ms. Brown, it’ll be Mr. and Mrs. Bryant!

(Celeste)…We met in July of 1995 on the west side of Chicago. I was a 21 year old single mom of a 3 week old boy. I was told by a friend that Maurice was asking about me. I was curious about this guy inquiring about me. I really wasn’t looking to date anyone. I went outside the next day to seek him. I had no clue what he look like (lol). This man walked up to me smiling and was all in my way! I asked if he had a problem and he said “yes, you’re my problem”. I was like he’s bold and funny. He wanted to get to know me and I was intrigued. We started spending time together and he eventually took on the role as Dad to my fatherless son. That was one thing I loved about him because my kids are my world! We eventually had our first child together in 1996. Our journey was bumping and full of twists. We eventually went our separate ways In 1999. Who would’ve known that in 2010 we would start to rekindle our love. It took me awhile to let him back in because lord know I was at my best and didn’t want to ever be hurt again. He proposed to me at Northwestern Hospital in Winfield, IL on February 18, 2020. I was hospitalized with blood clots in both lungs. He stayed with me the entire 7 days and helped me because I also had underwent surgery. I came from my daily hallway walk with my nurse and I saw my soon to be mother in law, our daughter, a couple of my medical team, and my soon to be sister in law on phone. I was asked to sit in chair then Maurice proposed! I knew he was planning to someday but when I was weary and weak he found a way to make me fight more! Love is so real and fragile. He’s my headache and my best friend! I’ll love him forever and a day.

Maurice Bryant


Celeste Brown



To our friends and family…We’re so excited to celebrate our wedding with you. Find all the details you need to know about our big day here. We’re counting down!!!








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“I could not tell fact from fiction
Or if my dream was true
The only sure prediction
In this whole world was you…”
Maya Angelou


WOW!  Do I have some great news to share!

Let me properly introduction myself. My name is Darlean McKinney-McClure. I am the proud owner of “O Happy Day” Tours & Travel Agency. I am a destination Wedding, Honeymoon and Group Specialist, etc. You can learn more about me and my credentials on my website:

I am so excited to announce the wedding date and time for Maurice and Celeste in beautiful “One Love” Montego Bay, Jamaica, Sunday, June 27 at 2:00 pm. I will be handling all the travel arrangements for Maurice and Celeste’s special day. Most importantly, I will be the “go to” person booking your flight, if traveling in a group of 10-15 from the same gateway, accommodations and answering any questions you may have.  I will keep you abreast about traveling during COVID-19 pandemic.

Just to put you at ease, unlike the US, Jamaica has very strict travel guidelines, which I will share with you, regarding entering and exiting their country and protocol at their resorts to ensure your health and safety while visiting. I had a wedding booked at South Coast “Sandals” in Jamaica, October 2020, and everything went well for all and they returned home safe and healthy. Jamaica requires COVID-19 clearance certification taken 3 days prior to departing the US. You will not be allowed to board the airplane without it.

Hopefully, that will change within the next six months, but it has been working well for them because they are reporting very low numbers. The resorts are not filling to capacity–usually 50%–so social distancing can be practiced. You will be required to wear masks just like here in the US when in public areas. I will keep you updated as often as possible. Shortly, you will receive accommodation information and if you are traveling as a group of 10-15 out of the same gateway, airline rates. If you plan to attend, you will be required to complete a registration form online.

Passports are required to travel to Jamaica and must be valid 6 months after the travel date. You have time to apply and receive it prior to the wedding date. Time is of essence and I will encourage you to book and deposit as soon as I release the rates, which should be no later than this weekend.

I look forward to meeting you virtually and physically as well as working with each and every one of you “one on one” to assist you in traveling safely to the “2021 Destination Wedding of the Year.” You won’t want to miss this special, fun, once in a lifetime, opportunity to show your “love and support” and bless the union of Maurice and Celeste as they become husband and wife.

Reminder: I am the contact person. Celeste or Maurice cannot answer any questions regarding accommodations or travel arrangements–that’s my area of expertise! Please DO NOT contact them. Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns at (559) 827-9013. FYI–I live in California.

For rates and additional information, please CLICK HERE!


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If you are planning on joining Maurice and Celeste’s celebration, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you shortly.

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